Handang Heroes

Handang Heroes is a learning toolkit designed to help teachers and educators teach and reinforce Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) concepts. The toolkit is composed of games and activities that can be used to teach skills and content in a more fun and engaging way.

It was a fun experience, I’d play it again if given the chance. We really had to make use of our decision making skills and survival instincts

– Grade 11 Student, Miriam College High School

About Handang Heroes

Handang Heroes was designed to support teachers and educators in their goals of improving the way learners appreciate DRR and CCA topics and concepts in the SHS curriculum, as well as providing an avenue for practicing essential skills related to disaster preparedness and response. 

The game kit is composed of five different card-based games that tackle a particular set of concepts in the DRR and CCA curriculum. An alignment map was made to illustrate how each game could be inserted and used in the standard DepEd curriculum. Each game comes with a deck of cards specific for its game. Manuals were also developed to outline the mechanics and setup for each game, as well as some guide questions and processing points to deepen the learning experience. Users of the toolkit are free to add, modify and remix the mechanics and game pieces to suit their needs.